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Apostle Amos Foundation is a Human Empowerment and Life Skills Organization, with a Genuine Interest to Help Mankind to Discover and Fulfill their Mission On Earth. The foundation was set up to help the poor and needy people in Africa especially Women and Children to fulfill their mission on this planet.

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Apostle Amos Foundation is a Human Empowerment and Life Skills Organization, with a Genuine Interest to Help Mankind to Discover and Fulfill their Mission On Earth. The foundation was set up to help the poor and needy people in Africa especially Women and Children to fulfill their mission on this planet. We are not only targeting the poor and needy only but everyone that is struggling to identify his or her mission on earth or those who may need guide and direction. 

Our Vision

To Guide, Discover Or Rediscover And Power Your Purpose On Earth.

Our Mission

We Prayerfully and Strategically Proffer Solution to Purpose and Vision Related Challenges Through Skill Acquisition and Empowerment Programmes.

Core Values


By Joining Us,

You Will Be Serving Humanity With Your God Given Abilities

As a helpful organisation, we positively impact not only those we directly assist, but also the individuals or groups indirectly affected by  our actions. By dedicating our time, skills, resources and energy to helping others, we are contributing to a stronger, more supportive community.

Your efforts can inspire others to get involved and make a difference as well, creating a ripple effect of kindness and compassion.

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Our Volunteers

Our volunteers are very important to us. They help people by giving their time and energy for free. They are very inspiring, kind, generous, and willing to make the world better. They work hard to help at events, support those in need, and contribute to important projects. We are thankful for their help, and we know that we couldn’t achieve our goals without them. We create an environment that supports and rewards our volunteers so they can learn, grow, and feel appreciated. We believe that everyone can contribute, and our volunteers show us that every day.

Apostle Amos

Apostle Amos



Volunteer (Nigeria)
Enoch Cosmos

Enoch Cosmos

Volunteer (Nigeria)
Charles Ajeigbe

Charles Ajeigbe

Volunteer (Ghana)

    When it comes to personal and professional development in today's fast-paced world, learning and expanding one's skillset is more important than ever before. Whether you are seeking to enhance your current career path or explore new avenues entirely, taking the time to invest in your education and acquire new expertise will pay off in spades. By learning new skills, you'll gain confidence, open new doors, and build the foundation for a more fulfilling and dynamic life.


    Healthy living refers to the conscious efforts to maintain a wholesome and balanced lifestyle that promotes physical, mental and emotional well-being. It involves making choices that enhance the quality of life, such as eating a healthy, balanced diet, engaging in regular physical activity, getting sufficient rest, and managing stress effectively. Healthy living also involves avoiding unhealthy habits that can harm the body, including smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, and drug abuse.


    Poverty alleviation refers to the various efforts and strategies aimed at reducing or eliminating poverty. Poverty is experienced when people lack income or basic resources to afford basic necessities. Alleviating poverty involves providing basic necessities such as food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, and education to those who cannot afford them.


    Women's empowerment means giving women the tools and resources to control their own lives and make choices. This includes things like access to healthcare, education, jobs, voting, and legal rights. When women have equal opportunities, it helps communities and countries grow and develop. It's still hard for women to be empowered because they face discrimination and marginalization. We need to keep working to empower women and make things more equal for them.

Our Highest Ambition
is to Help People

As our mission, we are dedicated to providing assistance in the most effective and comprehensive manner possible. Our tireless dedication and unwavering commitment to serving the needs of individuals and communities have been the driving force behind our efforts to make a difference in the lives of those who need our help the most. We are constantly exploring new ways to improve our services and leverage the latest technologies to enhance our reach and impact.  

No matter what the circumstances may be, we stand ready to lend a helping hand and ensure that people are able to access the support and resources they require to thrive and succeed. So whether you are facing a difficult challenge or simply looking for guidance, you can trust us to provide the compassionate and effective assistance you need to achieve your goals and overcome obstacles.

Latest Vocational Training

Skill acquisition is the process of getting better or learning new skills through a combination of theoretical and practical learning, frequent practice, and patience. It requires motivation, focus, and feedback from mentors or coaches, and can be achieved through observation, imitation, trial and error, and deliberate practice.

Practical Training

Enterpreneural Skill

Strategic Business Innovations and Entrepreneurship Skills for Africans

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Practical Training

Mushroom Farming

Economic Importance And Nutritional Benefits Of Mushroom Farming:

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Practical Training

Bee Farming

Economic importance And Nutritional Benefits Of Bee Farming:

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Practical Training

Snail Farming

Economic importance And Nutritional Benefits Of Snail Farming:

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Our Partners


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By joining Apostle Amos Foundation, you are partnering with us to fulfil your own dreams and desires. One person can’t solve all the problems in the world but together, we can do more. If we can help as many people to acquire skills, we can help solve unemployment problems which will make a significant impact in solving the poverty problems that is responsible for the biggest percentage of world problems.

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