Bee Farming

1 Day Intensive

with proper Incubation arrangement in place
55 $ 29 99
Course Outlines
What modern day beekeeping entails
How to identify the best bee farming method
Different species of bees
The difference between the traditional and the modern beekeeping
How to attract bees into the bee hive
How to construct your own Bee house
How to start making money from the bee farming under 4 Months
Incubation programs available till you become a master or an expert
Packaging and processing of honey and the honey comb to other products
How to export bee products, etc.

Economic importance And Nutritional Benefits Of Bee Farming:

  • Employment Benefits in terms of production
  • It doesn’t expire easily
  • It is highly medicinal
  • Employment and economic opportunities in the area of marketing of the end products especially the bee wax
  • Reduced import costs
  • Diversification
  • Sustainability
  • It is the biggest pollination agent which is the cause of fruit production
  • Little or no Financial capital requires
  • It doesn’t require big land
  • Very easy to produce
  • Available Market
  • Highly Nutritional and Medicinal
  • Environmental Friendly
  • Materials and tools worth more than $10 including E-BOOK
  • Franchise into MAPLANDI GROUP worth $100
  • The course is worth over $100 but has been subsidized to $30 only with the help of APOSTLE AMOS FOUNDATION
  • Special Certification
  • Opportunity to network with other industrial leaders and access to travel globally effortlessly, etc.
Course Fees
Payment Mode 1
Payment Mode 2

$30 ONLY
#22,500 or Ghc 350





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